Cell Phone Contracts for Blacklisted People

Has Your Cell Phone Contract Application been Declined?

Are You on ITC or Blacklisted?

Are Your Sick and Tired of ‘Pay As You Go’?

Do You Have Low Credit Score?



We can Help YOU!


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We Offer Cell Phone Contracts to Blacklisted People with easy online application.

No Paperwork!

Approval in 24 Hours!

Free Delivery in 72 Hours!

Delivery to Anywhere in South Africa


We have teamed up with some of the major cell phone operators to give you packages that they cannot offer on their own. That is why the main stream cell phone operators will decline you, while we can approve you.

The application process is easy and fast. We will notify you in 24 hours. We can delivery to anywhere a courier can drive. You should have your cell phone 72 hours after approval.

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Or email us at info@cellphonecontracts-blacklisted.co.za for available packages to blacklisted people.


50 Responses to “Cell Phone Contracts for Blacklisted People”

  1. Gwenda Upfold says:

    I am looking for a cheapish cellphone contract i am blacklisted but i have recently started working again so i need a cellphone

  2. karen smit says:

    cellphone application please

  3. Flippie says:

    Good day
    I want a top up contract for two blackberrys for my kids.
    Can you assist, my gross income 27000.00, but i am blacklisted

  4. R HOLLANDER says:


  5. Alet says:

    Hereby I request to see your latest contracts and prices on cellphones.

  6. lusanda says:

    blackberry contact please

  7. Thembi says:

    need a contract phone

  8. Ernest says:

    Need a cell phone contract have been decline evertime

  9. Johannes Smith says:

    Please send me all your available cellphone contract deals.

  10. nonhlanhla says:

    hey im looking for a blackberry 9800 torch on contract

  11. Thelma Lebatie says:

    Need a blackberry curve on contract

  12. richard says:

    nokia N8 or blackberry bold or touch

  13. e j groenewald says:

    hi I want a cellfhone contract plaese send me forms

  14. Tracey says:

    Please can you send me the contracts that you have available?

    Thank you

  15. Rae-anne Peters says:

    I would like a Black Berry contract if possible

  16. Gareth Francis says:

    I`m looking for a blackberry contract.Please forward me
    all info on bb contracts

  17. Sandy says:


    Please give me all info required


  18. MDJ says:

    I want a top up contract for onE blackberrys for myself
    I am under administration

  19. Nosipho says:

    Hi, can i please have a list of cellphone contracts you have,thanks

  20. Sakkie says:

    Hi Guys. Can you please sent me the list and info of all your contracts please.

  21. noxy says:

    please send me a list of contract phones you have

  22. Mery Ann Venketsamy says:

    Pls send me info on blackberry contracts dat u have available.


  23. nandi says:

    woluld like a blackberry cellphone contracts

  24. Gugu says:

    i am looking for a blackberry contract, please send me info

  25. Hi
    I was unemployed with dept.I resently started temping and need a phone on contract.Can you help

  26. pulie says:

    Need a contract phone from R100 – R200 PER MONTH

  27. Donovin says:

    Cell Contract

  28. Gift says:

    Hi, i am blacklisted & looking for a Blackberry contract phone at very affordable monthly payments.

  29. Nolubabalo says:

    I want a blackberry

  30. Francois says:

    Hi im looking for a Nokia N8

  31. gavin says:

    please can you send me a list of contract phones you have to offer if possible two phones for one contract

    gavin leisching

  32. mike says:

    i need a phone contract but am blacklisted preferrably something with whats app or that is compatible for it

  33. Annalize says:

    Good Day
    Please send me the documents.

  34. thobi says:

    i need a contract phone

  35. inge says:


    i need the documents asap

  36. Skhumbuzo says:

    Im looking for the cell phone

  37. Adelle says:

    Need a Blackberry contract that is not expensive
    Send me forms please

  38. lesley says:

    Im looking to apply for a contract please send more info please

  39. shihaam swain says:

    Send me the the price of the BLACK BERRY and HTC WILDFIRE please i am intrested let me no thanks .

  40. chantal says:

    Good day

    i would like to apply for a blackberry can any one sent me the application forms PLEASE

  41. buntu says:

    what does that mean

  42. thabile says:

    i want a contract phone could you please send me the forms.

  43. Thandokuhle Nkosi says:

    i need 2 blackberry contracts phone

  44. what contracts available at what price

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